How we think

We believe in placemaking. That is to say, we believe in the oft-underestimated power of design to make communities work better for everyone. We believe the real job of a developer is to cultivate new ideas and that the true measure of our success is in how much everyday lives are improved. We certainly believe in making a profit — for our clients, our partners and ourselves. But we believe that long-term profits come from long-term vision. And that serving the greater good is good for business.

How we work

For us, development is a finely tuned balance of passion and process. Our passion flows from the idea that great design is something that everyone deserves. And our process is the measured way we move from idea to reality, never losing sight of the goal even as we work through the challenges that inevitably present themselves along the way.

Regarding sustainability

It may seem surprising, but we don’t view sustainability as a cherished ideal but rather a competitive advantage. To us, sustainability is the ability to work proactively, find common ground among different interests and create something that uplifts the entire community. It’s the lens that lets us see farther down the road, bringing greater foresight to our planning and greater insight to our decision-making. It’s the spark that ignites big ideas and solves problems at a whole new level. And in the end, it’s just plain common sense.